Flange Adaptor

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    Flange Adaptor

    We(CNG) supply Flange Adaptor.Flange Adaptor mainly use for the flange connection with the valve,equipment or pipe conversion connection to solve the groove connection and flange connection conversion,installation is simple and fast.

    Pipe flange is a way of joining pipe, valve and pump together by grooved, welded, or screwed type. It provides an easy access for installation, cleaning and modification of the leak tight structure.
    Grooved flange is used for connecting fire protection pipeline of conveying water and suppression agent in fast installation.

    The flange adapter provides for the direct transition from HDPE pipe and or fittings to ANSI Class 125 or 150 flanged components.

    Flange’s bolt holes designed into oval hole.ANSI Class 125&150 and PN16 grade flanges are universally available,with DN50 to DN80(2 to 3)for both PN10 nominal flanges;DN100 to DN150(4 to 6)for both flanges PN10nominal grade flange.

    In addition to the standard flanges described above ,it is also available to provide flanges under other standards such JIS 10K and ANSI Class 300.